SNCF Voyageurs' Mediator

Discover the portrait of Henriette Chaubon, SNCF Voyageurs Mediator, who will do everything possible to help you settle your dispute.

Henriette Chaubon is the SNCF Passenger Mediator:

Mrs. Henriette Chaubon has been an honorary counselor at the Cour of Cassation since 2017. She worked as a magistrate since 1980 in various jurisdictions, including the Paris Court of Appeal, the Chancellery, the Department of Civil Affairs and the Seal and the Court of Cassation, where she was a member of the Criminal Division. She was also General Counsel of the SNCF Group from 2006 to 2013 and Mediator of SNCF Mobilités and SNCF Voyageurs from 2017 to 2021. Mrs. Chaubon is familiar with the railway world as well as with national and European consumer law and has, moreover, through her four years of experience, already carried out numerous mediations for the carriers SNCF Voyageurs, Eurostar and CFC.

A word from the Mediator

Mediation, a pacific method of conflict resolution, is particularly well suited to disputes that may arise between rail operators : SNCF Voyageurs, Eurostar and Chemins de fer de la Corse, and their passengers.

It allows, with speed and efficiency, to respond to passengers’ complaints, to ease tensions and to create a real climate of trust between the companies and their customers.

It is with a spirit of fairness, independence and transparency that I will handle the requests that are addressed to me, giving each one an appropriate response after a careful and personalized examination. My team will also be committed to ensuring that the best amicable solution is found for each case and that the case is settled quickly.

I am familiar with SNCF Voyageurs Mediation because I have already acted as Mediator, and I know the legitimate expectations of passengers who make complaints. I am enthusiastically taking over these functions, very keen to meet their expectations as best as possible, to pacify their relationship with the carriers and to further strengthen mediation as an optimal means of conflict resolution.

Henriette CHAUBON

Henriette Chaubon, SNCF Passenger Mediator

His professional background:

Graduate from National School of the Judiciary in Bordeaux.

Henriette Chaubon is appointed as a Judge in Chartre’s Court (Tribunal Judiciaire, jurisdiction of Versailles’Court of Appeal).

1982 – 1999
She worked as a magistrate in various positions in the central administration of the Ministry of Justice, in particular in the Department of Civil Affairs and the Seals as Chief of Staff to the Director and Deputy Director of Legal and Judicial Professions.

Henriette Chaubon joined the paris Court of Appeal as a Counselor, and in 2003 she was appointed as a Project Manager for the First President of the Court of Appeal.

She was appointed President of Chamber at the Court of Appeal of Reims.

End of 2006
She was appointed SNCF Group General Counsel, a position she held until September 2013. 

September 2013
She was appointed Counselor to the Criminal Division of the Court of Cassation and served there until September 2017, when she retired. She has since been an Honorary Counselor at the Court of Cassation. 

Within the framework of her activities as a magistrate, she has also held two positions:

  • From 2016 to 2022: Member of the Dispute Settlement and Sanctions Committee of the Energy Regulation Commission,
  • From 2016 to 2018: President of the Observatory of Recidivism and Desistance.

2017 – 2021
Henriette Chaubon is a mediator for SNCF Mobilités and then SNCF Voyageurs.

The characteristics of the Mediator function

  • The Mediator is an external figure, independent of the carriers, with whom there is no hierarchical or functional link.
  • He is appointed by the Consumers’ Consultative Council, a joint collegiate body attached to SNCF Voyageurs.
  • He has skills in mediation as well as good legal knowledge, particularly in the field of consumer affairs.
  • It must be registered on the list of Mediations notified to the European Commission.
  • He may not receive any instructions from the parties, in particular from the carriers or their representatives.
  • If, during a mediation procedure, the Mediator’s neutrality is affected in any way, he or she shall immediately inform the parties, who shall have the right to object to the continuation of his or her mission.
  • The Mediator’s remuneration is not linked to the results of the mediation.
  • The Mediator’s term of office is set at 3 years, renewable. At the end of his or her mandate, the Mediator may not work for any of the transport companies that are signatories to the Mediation Protocol for a period of three years.